10 New iPhone 5 cases and accessories

Becca Caddy Tech 3 Comments

The new iPhone 5 was released last September and we wrote up a list of our favourite cases and accessories, but now we’re well into 2013 we’ve decided to take a fresh look at the ways you can wrap up your new smartphone in style.

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By Becca Caddy | January 23rd, 2013

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  • Susan

    these iPhone Cases are sure looks great both in design and Prices..


    iPhone 5 Cases

  • Alice Pattinson

    Transparent bumpers are the latest trending case now for iPhone. Maybe because it's really cute and you can see the exterior part of the iPhone. I think £25 for a bumper is a bit pricey coz I got mine at MiniSuit for a low price with free shipping and 2 months warranty. But eeeeeeee, the case is super lovely <3

  • iPhone Case

    these iPhone Cases looks amazing will love to get them all.


    Photo iPhone Case