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10 Best video editing apps for the iPhone & iPad: iMovie, Cinefy & Magisto

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Back in 2011 we collected together our favourite video editing apps for the iPhone and were surprised by how few really good quality offerings were available from the iTunes app store. Fast forward nearly two years and we still have some firm favourites from the past gallery as well as some great new apps too.

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  • shuvoshri

    hey try photo effects studio effection app....

  • srijan

    i love instaglass app works wonderfully..

  • Striz

    This article was obviously written by a noobie for noobies. Avid (. Now called Pinnacle Studio) is currently by far the best video editing app for ipad.

  • hemanti

    I think Instafusion Image Blender has a very easy and beautiful interface. Like just pick your images, blend it, and save it.

  • emmakate

    Cameo is an instant film maker that is really fast and easy

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