10 Best video editing apps for the iPhone & iPad: iMovie, Cinefy & Magisto

Becca Caddy Tech 12 Comments

Back in 2011 we collected together our favourite video editing apps for the iPhone and were surprised by how few really good quality offerings were available from the iTunes app store. Fast forward nearly two years and we still have some firm favourites from the past gallery as well as some great new apps too.

By Becca Caddy | January 17th, 2013

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  • aydixiii

    Thank you! Found exactly what i was looking for.splice. But its not free. Fyi.

  • Magnolia16

    No mention of Avid? Same price as iMovie and many people say its better.

  • 'Auntie' Nikki Angulo Reedhead

    Splice isn't free, it $3.99!

  • DeborahRGab

    Good thing that you shared those kind of applications to the people who wanted to edit some videos on their own by the help of those tools and applications. Good thing that you shared this kind of application.

  • iPhone web development

    Magisto is a fun and easy way to immediately change film segments and pictures and talk about them with your friends and members of the family. Just record and publish your film segments and Magisto will convert them into awesome customized films; finish with songs and outcomes, in moments.

  • Richard Mark

    Whether you have taken the shot with a phone or a dedicatedcamera, it is imperative to use the right app to edit your photo for desiredresults. Here’s a look at one of the best Photo editing app for iOS (foriPhone, iPad), offering features and controls that rival apps have not eventhought, and in some cases this even exceed the capabilities of entry-leveldesktop photo editor. This App seems simple, loaded with all basic and advancedfeatures with great user interface for entry level and advanced Photographers:Check Entry Level, Advance Versionand HD Version.

  • Video Editing

    Thanks for giving such kind of great information .

  • apppicker

    Easy to create and edit video with this apps For all iOS devices. Check it out!

  • emmakate

    Cameo is an instant film maker that is really fast and easy

  • hemanti

    I think Instafusion Image Blender has a very easy and beautiful interface. Like just pick your images, blend it, and save it.

  • Striz

    This article was obviously written by a noobie for noobies. Avid (. Now called Pinnacle Studio) is currently by far the best video editing app for ipad.

  • srijan

    i love instaglass app ….it works wonderfully..