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RIP Nyan Cat: Feline that inspired meme dies :(:(:(

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Marty, the famous cat who inspired the great Nyan Cat meme, unfortunately passed away last week, causing lots of sad faces for fans of cats, memes and the crazy web.

Luckily the meme Nyan Cat isn't real, so he can live in our hearts and on our screens pooping a never-ending rainbow for eternity. Or until the internet stops, whichever comes first.

[Via Mashable]

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  • laulaja

    Glad to see 6 reactions tho. Also wish I'd proofread my copy. Am doing so now!

    Comments do pile up on Nyan scarf tho. Meant "Rainbow Bridge" of course, & "but".

  • laulaja

    Couldna BEL:IEVE there were still NO COMMENTS by Thanksgiving, wks after Marty crossed the Rainbow bridge. Wl leave one. I won't buy the Nyan scarf, too pricey, buyt happy to see there IS one for cat fanciers with more $$ than sense. Just think how many shelter cats, dogs or both could be Aided Abetted & Assisted with $80--

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