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PicMonkey for Christmas: Instagram-style photo editing gets festive

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One of our favourite online photo editing sites, PicMonkey, has had a new, festive makeover for the Christmas season, allowing users to add all kinds of snowy, wintery and twee effects to their photos.

Just like before, you upload a photo to PicMonkey or drag one from your desktop if you're feeling fancy. You can then make all kinds of basic edits, like cropping and even adding filters, but you'll find there's a secret snowflake at the bottom of the sidebar and that's where all of the Christmas features live. You can play around with different themes like "snowfall", "frosty" and "chilly", add overlays like "holly", "flakery" and "sprigs and twigs" or position different frames and special effects over your images for cards and present tags.

We love that PicMonkey is always simple to use, but tries something a bit different every now and then to keep its fans on their toes (remember the Halloween version?!).

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