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AppXpert rewards you with cash for being an app guinea pig

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If you fancy yourself as a bit of an app expert and end up downloading everything shiny and new like a little mobile magpie, then AppXpert has been made specially for you because it rewards you with cash for every new app you test out.

Once you've downloaded the app you're greeted by your own personal dashboard full of app "investigations" to complete.

You then trial these new apps, take them for a test drive and answer a series of questions about your experience, turning you into a proper app detective and earning you 20p each time in the process.

Of course there's a limited number of investigations, but turn on push notifications and you'll get a personal update every time a new one appears for you to try out.

AppXpert is the latest in a string of interesting apps that offer users a cash incentive for getting involved, whether its downloading photos with Foap, attending the gym with Gym Pact or becoming a mystery shopper with Roamler.

concept-appxpert.jpgMaybe it's a testament to just how broke we all are right now, but it's a trend that looks like it's here to stay and given how dependent we all are on our mobiles it requires very little effort to get involved.

AppXpert is available for iOS devices from iTunes for free.

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