iPad Mini rivals: 7 inch tablet round-up with Google Nexus, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab

At Apple’s highly anticipated event in San Jose today, the tech giant unveiled what we’ve all been expecting for what feels like decades, the teeny tiny (OK so 7.9 inch) iPad we also all knew would be called the iPad Mini.

At the event, Phil Schiller was keen to point out that the tablet “isn’t just a shrunken down iPad” (although it kinda is though, right?) but features an A5 chip, Lightning connector, 5MP camera on the back and FaceTime HD camera on the front of the device. There’s also Wi-Fi that’s touted to be 2 times faster than what we’re used to and a whole 10 hours of battery life.

But we’ll leave it to Gerald at Tech Digest to tell you more about the iPad mini here.

Although the iPad Mini is set to seriously rock (and flip over and destroy) the tablet boat, there are plenty of devices that measure around 7 inches already on the market, so if it’s the slim design and smaller screen you’re after then take a look at these before you get into that crazy, crazy Apple fanboy/girl queue for the next few weeks…

Each of the tablets on the list have a pretty comprehensive set of features and will suit most tablet lovers, but we’ve tried to pick out a few key traits that’ll help you decide which is right for you.

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Becca CaddyiPad Mini rivals: 7 inch tablet round-up with Google Nexus, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab