Irrive lets you create a social scrapbook of trips and events

Becca Caddy Tech


We all know that there are hundreds of ways to share important events, holidays and trips with our friends and family, whether it’s constant updates on Twitter or some dreamy photos over on Instagram. However, this means that often everything has been fragmented across multiple platforms and we don’t have a big, accurate picture of what we really got up to while we were away.

Well now a new service called Irrive (which only exists online right now, but would make a great app), which is being described as a “social scrapbook” aims to streamline all your photos, updates, check-ins and any other kinds of things you do online and bring them together in one place.

You begin by providing Irrive with access to your social networks and it’ll then use that data to collect together everything about your holiday or road trip or life event in a way that makes much more sense and seems like you’re telling a story rather than just sharing random snippets.

Now admittedly it looks a little bit twee and will no doubt appeal to those who create irritating things, like wedding pages and Facebook events for their cat’s birthday. However, what we do find interesting is the very different approach to storytelling, instead of separating data across multiple platforms based on different types of content and different audiences, it’s being squeezed together in a way that makes much more sense, like a proper story about what happened.

[Via Gigaom]

By Becca Caddy | September 4th, 2012

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