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Wear your heart on your sleeve (chest) with a QR code t-shirt

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We've seen QR codes on cookies, tattoos and even... umm... gravestones. But now you can wear them on your chest too, whether you want to promote your website, share your contact details with potential suitors or just look a little bit more geeky than usual.

You can choose a range of different styles and colours and then get your contact details, a YouTube video, a Facebook or Twitter page or a website added to the front (and back if your're willing to splash the cash) in the form of a QR code.

It's a fun, quirky and insanely geeky idea that we can imagine would work well if you want to promote a website or advertise your contact details to randoms (you dirtbags). However, don't be surprised if some questionable characters start trying to scan your chest on the bus... You've been warned.

Visit to browse the styles.

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