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Microsoft's Spotify rival Xbox Music is set to arrive later this year

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New details have been released today about Xbox Music, a digital streaming service that's set to rival Spotify and will run on an Xbox 360 console.

We first heard about Microsoft's music offering at the E3 conference and now it's emerged that it's set to launch later this year along with an annual subscription model that's similar to Spotify.

According to sources, Microsoft is currently at the negotiation stages with a number of major record labels, including Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Sony and EMI in order to secure licensing agreements.

The service won't just be all about streaming music, it'll provide users with a way to buy tracks through Microsoft's Zune store and even Apple's iTunes and the Amazon MP3 store. There purchases will then be accessed through a kind of "digital locker", which will sync up accounts with any other devices that are running Windows 8, Microsoft's upcoming desktop and tablet operating system.

[Via Tech Digest Via Bloomberg]

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