Our top sites for geeky afternoon LOLZ and online fun

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Yes we know, we know, humour can be incredibly subjective, but we’ve decided to share our top sites with you that we bet, scrap that GUARANTEE will have at least 99% of you smiling this miserable and rainy afternoon.

Ahh the internet, it’s good for so many things, like news, educational resources, social media, porn and Bieber-related content, but you know what we think it’s BEST for? Drum roll please… HUMOUR and making us all laugh and smile and giggle and forget about the fact the world is mean and rubbish.

So we’ve collected together our top blogs for geeky LOLZ that we PROMISE will put a smile on that pretty little face of yours.

By Becca Caddy | April 26th, 2012

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