10 Quirky Valentine's Day gifts for geeky girls

Becca Caddy Tech

Ahh Valentine’s Day, the shops are filled with pink fluffy rubbish, your loved up friends are discussing over-priced restaurant options and all your single friends are either desperately stalking Facebook for a date or they’re planning on completely ignoring the romantic festivities altogether.

If you have a special someone to buy a present for this year (yes, your cat counts), then why not find something they’ll actually use rather than a cute and completely ridiculous teddy bear holding a heart or a singing cushion. Eww.

Here’s our list of Valentine’s day treats, most are pretty useful, a few are admittedly a bit pink and silly, but we’re pretty sure they’ll put a smile on any geeky girl’s face either way… Awh.

By Becca Caddy | February 6th, 2012

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