free invisible hit counter Is Jux & Instagram link up a match made in photo heaven?

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We've written about our love for blogging platform Jux a few times in the past, but have often felt it needs just a little bit more work before it's going to replace the likes of Tumblr and even Wordpress further down the line.

So, it's pretty exciting that Jux has this week announced it'll be hooking up with Instagram to allow users to share their blurry, retro shots alongside images from the likes of Facebook and Flickr too.

The main thing we love about Jux is that it makes our images look AMAZING. They're displayed in a fancy grid-like layout, can be swiped and moved around easily and take up the whole screen. So, it makes sense that Jux would team up with an awesome photo editing tool to make our photos and blogs look even slicker.

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