APP OF (CHRISTMAS) DAY: The Sunday Times will give away free Christmas edition

Becca Caddy Tech 1 Comment


Back in 1912, the publishers behind The Sunday Times decided not to release an edition of the paper on Christmas Day to give paperboys the day off. But oh how times have changed!

Now that the paper can be delivered directly to your tablet device or computer, The Sunday Times team has decided to release an edition on Christmas Day and to celebrate will make it free for everyone. Just look at that for Christmas spirit!

The exclusive online Christmas Day edition will be available to all Android tablet and iPad users and is set to feature the usual boring bits, like the global news, but will also have interactive quizzes, a collection of cartoons that defined 2011, big photo galleries of festive celebrations around the world and a few other surprises.

Now we do begrudge the fact that for the rest of the year we have to pay for a sneak peek at The Sunday Times’ content, but we never like to turn down a freebie.

Available from iTunes and the Android Market.

By Becca Caddy | December 23rd, 2011

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