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CHRISTMAS APP GUIDE: 10 Christmas apps for kids for the iPhone and iPad

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Yes we know, it does seem a little early to be filling your phones with cheesy, singing Christmas apps. But, as soon as kids realise there's less than ten weeks until Christmas day, that's usually all they can talk about. So, to make the wait less agonising, here are 10 fun Christmas apps for kids for your iPhone or iPad (lists for other devices to follow soon).

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  • Xaviers

    Great list... Thanks for sharing this.

    Santa Christmas gift

  • Edward Buchanan

    This is a great little list. My kids love the new Sing and Play Jingle Bells app. You can sing and play along with the "Jingle Bells" song and it's really enjoyable.

  • Catalin Radoi

    GooGoo Christmas Offer. Now it's only 0.99$

  • Another new one - Christmas Tree Decorator HD free for iPad. Very cute decorations -- my kids love it since it's kind of like playing with stickers!

  • Lolli

    Love the list. We also love Rudolph Knows - a Christmas app where they can check if they are on Santa's list. I can determine the outcome and the message back from Santa. It's very funny to watch their faces as Santa seems to know everything.

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