Unfriending Facebook friends still leaves them subscribed to updates

Becca Caddy Tech

We’ve just seen a tweet from @aalaap which suggests that even when you unfriend someone on Facebook they’ll still be subscribed to your updates, so we tried it out for ourselves and lo and behold we saw this message:

Facebook screenshot

Granted the person you’re unfriending will only still see your public updates which they could well go ahead and subscribe to anyway BUT it seems wrong that if you want someone off your friends list they’ll still see the things you write in their news feed. To get rid of them completely you have to REPORT them too, which sounds a little bit extreme if you’re just getting a bit sick of their new baby photos.

Really this isn’t that shocking at all, but it just shows how strange the whole subscribe dynamic still feels to regular Facebook users who are getting angry about this news on Twitter right now. Yes we see how subscribing is really useful for public figures, but when friends, subscribers, unfriending and unsubscribing mix it’s a melting pot of confusion and it’s definitely not been made very clear.

By Becca Caddy | October 3rd, 2011

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