How musicians are using Instagram: Deftones, Moby and The Vaccines

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One of the things that’s most fascinating about the music industry is what goes on behind-the-scenes. Anyone can listen to a track or go to a gig, but die-hard fans want to know all about their favourite acts and social media networks like Twitter and Facebook give them the juicy details that they’ve been looking for.

Although Instagram has so far been adopted by individuals, fashion retailers, publications and big brands more than anything and anyone else, there’s huge potential for those working in the music industry too. Instagram can give fans the backstage pass that they so desperately want and can act as a visual tour diary, bringing followers along with the acts through a series of candid images.

A select number of musicians have been using the photo sharing service in interesting ways already, as a place for fans to enter competitions or just as a quirky photo diary.

To celebrate Instagram week we’re running an easy to enter mobile photography competition with our friends at Orbitsound. All you have to do is take a photo with an Autumnal theme and share it on Twitter along with the hash tag #ShinyAutumn. It can be of a leaf or a Halloween costume, we really don’t mind. The winner will get a fabulous T12v3 speaker bar from Orbitsound and 19 runners up will get random iPhone related goodies.

Visit the #ShinyAutumn competition post to find out more.

By Becca Caddy | October 19th, 2011

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