The 10 best YouTube cat videos

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We all know YouTube is a treasure trove of comedy gold, from the laugh out loud hilarious to the hideously cringeworthy.

But what makes a first class, uncontrollable laughter, turn your day around kind of video?

Well, we think it’s cats.

Yes it’s a bit silly. Yes it’s a bit fluffy in more ways than one, but let’s not underestimate the power of the cat video. It can cheer you up, turn that rubbish day around, bring you closer to a friend. We’re even convinced that one day a cat video will in some way be the solution to world peace.

So here are our (I imagine there’ll be a lot of “hey why did you miss XXX off?” with this list) favourite YouTube cat videos in no particular order, feel free to watch them, add your own favourites and LOL away.

1. Barking cat

This clever little guy has realised that a bark sounds better than any noise a cat could ever make, well until its owner catches it out…

2. Treadmill cats

I love the way the grey one just stands and works its front legs.

3. Ninja cat

Hilarious AND a bit creepy too.

4. Bully cat

My video of the week, it’s the slow motion closing of the box that gets me every time.

5. The box cat

This adorable but yet clearly quite mad cat just LOVES boxes. He’s called Maru and he’s become a bit of a YouTube star, so check out his other videos too.

6. Surprised cat

I had no idea cats could even be this TINY.

7. Mummy cat hugs kitten

Another cute one. I’m convinced it’d even make Ray Winstone do an adorable little smile.

8. Boxing cat

It’s a bit grainy, but the boxing cat is another YouTube classic.

9. Keyboard cat

Probably one of the most infamous YouTube cats. Don’t watch too many Keyboard Cat spin-offs though, as you’ll NEVER get the catchy little tune out of your head.

10. Two talking cats

It seems a little dull at first in comparison to the rest, but it REALLY makes it look like they’re chatting to each other, right?

By Becca Caddy | September 5th, 2011

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