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The top ten magazine and newspaper Tumblr blogs

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You'd be forgiven for thinking Tumblr is just a crazy world of GIF images and cheesy quotes, but as we've seen in the past from our Top ten Tumblr blogs you should be following and Top 20 Tumblrs posts, it can be much more than that with the right person (or brand, or magazine, or made up person) at the helm.

Over the past few years there's been an influx of publications that started life as plain old websites, or shock horror printed pieces of actual paper, that have successfully integrated Tumblr into their current offering. Many of these popular magazines have then been using their shiny new Tumblr blogs to store photos and images, promote external content, share snippets from longer features, or even build it up to act as a separate Frankenstein-like entity.

It's easy to see why these kinds of publications are attracted to the world of Tumblr, it's got a booming community, content is often re-blogged, it's super easy to publish anything and there's nothing as simple and intuitive as the lovely little Tumblr menu bar. Text? Video? Photo? Tumblr will sort that out for you. Oh and did we mention the twee little heart button next to every post?

So here's our collection of the top ten magazines and publications that are already tumblogging, or is it tumbling?

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