Stitch-Your-Own iPhone case: X Stitch and iShoe

Anna Leach Tech


If you fancy giving your iPhone 4 more of a stitched DIY feel then why not get a case which lets you STITCH ON YOUR IPHONE.

Not into the glass of course… but into a soft silicon iPhone 4 case with stitchy holes in it. It’s the cunning idea behind the X Stitch case from Korean brand Taylor on sale now on Mobile-Gear.

It’s quite funky to have a case you can adapt according to your mood and cross-stitching ability. See the different patterns you can do with X Stitch. It comes with a needle and 4 colours of embroidery thread.


Mobile-Gear explain: “The body of the case is pretty standard, providing full back and side protection as well as button coverage and a fold out Dock Connector cover. Along the back is a 22 x 43 perforated surface used to guide you in creating a cross-stitched pattern; a thin layer of silicone is easy enough to puncture with the included needle, yet provides protection to the unstitched areas.”

If you’re dexterity-challenged like me – there’s the altogether simpler iShoe case which lets you thread laces into the back of your iPhone case. I can do that easily, and the result is cute. It looks very Roller-Derby, and I understand that’s in fashion with the kids.


£13.98 for the Taylor X Stitch case on Mobile-Gear
£11.98 for the iShoe case on Mobile Gear
Available in various colours – free UK and Europe postage

By Anna Leach | August 10th, 2011

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