iPhone users are twice as likely to film themselves having sex.. & other great pieces of data from the British Sex Survey

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iphone-thumb-sexy-time.jpgiPhone users are more likely to have filmed themselves having sex than the owners of any other mobile phone according to Channel 4’s latest sex survey.

The news that iPhone owners like filming their sexual activities is just one of many findings from the new survey which asked over 1000 Brits about what they do in bed.

27% of the iPhone users questioned – or 22 out of 81 – have filmed themselves having sex. That compares to 16% of British Blackberry owners [17/106], 13% of Nokia users [38/274], 14% of Samsung users, 15% of HTC users or 7% of LG owners.

You get the gist. iPhone users like to look at themselves making love.

We take it that’s because the iPhone cameras are pretty rocking. Or it could just be that iPhone owners really just more self-obsessed and like looking at themselves naked and pleasuring themselves or other people. We’ll never know.. until someone does another survey.

Channel 4 survey 1000 British people about their sex habits every year, and this year they have decided to include statistics about mobile phone usage. They’ve done the data up into a fantastic infographic that lets you set the perameters yourself and measure different pieces of info against each other.


We love it. Check it out here

By Anna Leach | August 18th, 2011

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