How important was Ryan Cleary in LulzSec?

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5-lolsec-new.jpgSome papers report him as a ring leader, LulzSec say he just hosted a few chatrooms and their website on his server.

But the real danger for LulzSec in Ryan’s arrest will be the details that the FBI comb out of his computers and the information that he coughs up under questioning. That could lead to the big guys.

From what we can discern LulzSec seem to have more of a leadership structure than older hacking group Anonymous.

Cleary pissed off Anonymous on several previous occasions by trying to set up more of a leadership structure, according to this report in the Metro anyway. While the leadership and better organisation of LulzSec might have helped it achieve the more audacious raids and hacks that it seems to have pulled off, it has also made it much more visible and vulnerable to the police.

And we bet that the police are looking for targets to make examples of. We don’t expect Cleary or any other LulzSec members to get off lightly…

By Anna Leach | June 22nd, 2011

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  • Sherrod Ellen DeGrippo

    ED is not Lulzsec’s website. Lulzsec has nothing to do with ED. You should stop talking about this Anna because you really don’t know what you are talking about. Please stop posting.

  • the future

    He is over

  • An /i/nformed reader

    What the hell are you talking about? This article is possibly the least factually-based piece of bullshit I’ve ever heard. DeHippo is right, LulzSec has fucking nothing to do with ED. Cleary was barely even affiliated with them in any respect. LulzSec is a bunch of failure script kiddies with fifty machine botnets. Cleary is legit, enough to where the feds will get nothing out of him. I’m willing to bet that as soon as he saw the police outside his house, his HDD went right into the microwave. This is an example of why blogs are lowering the collective intelligence of the internet. Please try to finish your sociology degree and stop talking about topics you know nothing of. Thank you and have a very nice day, faggot.