Why I like Ruggedized Laptops: The Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 is the Navy Seal of the PC world

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I’m really into ruggedized laptops. Not because I’m ever likely to take my PC to the Gobi desert, or want to edit a word document while half-submerged in the Antarctic ocean. Nah – the furthest my laptop goes is Starbucks. But that doesn’t stop me enjoying how tough and unbreakable these things are – the Navy SEALS of the PC world, they’re hot, in a computer way.

Consequently an update to the Panasonic ToughBook range has got me all excited. The Toughbook CF-31 Performance Model was released today and we’ve selected some of the juiciest features for you rugged-lovers out there. Just out of gadget-lust really.

Panasonic say: “Designed to access applications and data in the most extreme mobile computing environments, the CF-31 has become the fully rugged device of choice for utilities, emergency services and military personnel.

We say: “Mmm, fully rugged”

> Massive Battery: 13.5hr battery + a 6.5hr spare battery pack that will let you “hot swap” the main battery.

> It has a Concealed Mode for use in mission critical environments. Using this feature, the Toughbook can go into “silent mode” by disabling the Fan, the backlight, status LED’s, speakers and communication (3G, W-LAN, Bluetooth) as specified. (Cool or what.)

> Screen shows up, even in the dark: The ability to see data and applications on screen in bright sunlight is essential for field workers. The CF-31 uses Panasonic’s Circular Polarizing technology to deliver market leading clarity with brightness displays of 1,200cd/m² and a very low reflection ratio on its touchscreen, 13.1″ XGA display.

> Shock-resistant screen – the LCD screen “floats” on the frame making it more resistant to bumps and shocks.

> Tough magnesium alloy casing with proven resistance to water, dust, vibration and temperature protection.

See more on the Pansonic ToughBook CF-31 here

By Anna Leach | May 25th, 2011

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