How to build your own Augmented Reality App: A guide to Layar toolkits

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layararownapp.jpgA new announcement by Layar promises to put the tools for making Augmented Reality apps into the hands of everyone.

Layar blogged:

“Layar Connect allows anyone to build what could become the WordPress or YouTube of augmented reality, helping them create and share content in truly immersive ways.”

We’re on board. Layer have opened up their API with Layar Connect, that lets third party companies create nice user friendly content management systems that non-techies like you or me can use.

Previously it was possible to add your own points of interest to layars, but this will make the process much easier to do and easier to manage. As with hosting programmes on the web, you need to pay for the app to be hosted. And depending on the service you choose there are publishing fees as well.

Layar have officially given approval to four content management systems. Others will probably get made for more specific purposes, but in the meantime here are the top four – and the prices they charge.

1) buildAR
[$10 a month hosting & $295 to publish]

2) Positr
[pricing not yet decided]

3) Poiz
[€9.95 per month or €49.99 – available from 1st June]

4) Visar
[demo free – further pricing to be announced]

So how do you go about making an Augmented Reality app?

All four services largely work through a web browser on your computer. They’d be based on geographical location, which is what Layar uses to anchor its points of interest or POIs. These points of interest are the building blocks of Layar. You, the creator would chose where to put them and then, depending on the app you can choose how your user gets to interact with them – can they add to them? Do they pick up rewards for passing them?

It’s the beginning of something big… We’ve asked our favourite Augmented Reality developer for a comment and we’re going to try it out a bit ourselves….

In the meantime – here’s a quick diagram showing how these new apps simplify the process of making Augmented Reality apps…


See more on the Layar blog

By Anna Leach | May 19th, 2011

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