Spy on your neighbours with a surveillance camera mounted on a mechanical eagle

Anna Leach Tech


Powered by the Sun and controlled by your iPhone, the RC Eagle from Thumbs-Up is an inspirational and yet geeky way to roam the skies and investigate your neighbourhood from a birds-eye view.

With solar panels on its wings, a camera embedded in its right eye and a GPS tracker in its left, the RC Eagle from Thumbs-Up live-streams video content straight to your iPhone or PC.

Thumbs-Up, the makers of all sorts of weird gadgets, think they’re onto a winner here:

“As for controlling the RC Eagle i, it’ll work with your PC, Apple iPad or iPhone – simply download the free “Bird’s i” App and transform your device into an all-seeing remote control roving eye! In terms of remote control range, the RC Eagle i is designed to be fully compatible with National Wi-Fi networks, allowing you to pilot your precarious bird of prey hundreds of miles away, virtually anywhere in the UK”.

Launch the eagle out of your bedroom window, control it from your armchair and keep up to date with what’s going on around the city. An iPhone accessory that’s much more exciting than a set of speakers. Perhaps not quite as great as strapping a live camera onto a real eagle, but you don’t need to feed this bird of prey or take it to the vet – it just needs to be plugged into the mains every so often.

The RC Eagle on Thumbs-Up

By Anna Leach | April 1st, 2011

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