British start-up uses the sound of smashing glass to catch criminals: Audio CCTV

Anna Leach Tech 2 Comments

Imagine a CCTV camera that listens to what’s going on around it as well as videotaping it.

British start-up Audio Analytic have invented software that recognises dangerous noises and then uses them to alert security monitors to developing criminal situations. The camera has been trained to recognise the sounds of breaking glass and aggressive voices among other things…

This video explains it pretty well …

The company Audio Analytic was a finalist at the IFSEC 2011 competition

By Anna Leach | April 14th, 2011

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  • Fernando Severns

    The sound recognition in this type of CCTV camera is indeed an innovative way to strengthen prevention of crime. Once it recognizes the sound that was created in a scene, the security staff would know exactly how to handle the situation. That feature makes the device more of a crime-stopper rather than just a recorder of evidence.

  • CCTV Camera

    This is good for the people that CCTV catch the video of that person who smash the glass. Now the work become easy for the cops to catch that person.