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Get the TanningBooth app for that bronzed glow (not in real life, though)

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Feeling a bit pasty after all these months of winter? Well there's an app for that ... sort of. The TanningBooth app will let you tan yourself using a handy bronz-o-meter, so you can impress your friends on Facebook and Twitter with a fresh, sunned face.

Yours for 99 cents, the app works on all mobile devices. You can also use it on your dating profile photo, commentators helpfully suggest, pointing out how real life tanning is not as safe as it was in these ozone-scarce times.

The app comes with a warning by the developers though: "TanningBooth effects that may leave you with an abnormally 'hot' picture, don't be alarmed if you get extra 'likes' on Facebook or 'followers' on Twitter than normal."

We'll be sure to keep that in mind.

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