Drop the LOLcats: 4Chan attack Tumblr for overusing their memes and being girls

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Though the vigilante power nerds on 4chan are best known for exchanging manga porn, they sometimes decide to launch cyber-attacks on their enemies. At various times, their enemies have included Youtube (for taking down a lot of free music videos), the British woman filmed putting a cat in the bin (they tracked down her house) and some piracy lawyers renowned for their aggressive threatening letters to file-sharers (4chan took their site down and prank called them).

But even though it is by nature a random site, 4chan’s decision to attack the blogging platform Tumblr seems a bit odd. But basically, it’s all about the memes. 4chan is a bubbling forum board of filth, depravity and some great little memes. Lolcats come from 4chan, so do most things about Justin Bieber and rickrolling.

So not only do the kids on Tumblr steal 4chan memes and totally ruin their jokes, there’s also some good-old fashioned nerd hatred for people who are girls or hipsters, or just “non-techie”. A forum poster masterminded an attack called ‘Operation Overlord’ and they launched a Denial of Service attack on Tumblr yesterday.

However – Tumblr seemed prepared for the attacks, held out and even possibly counter attacked – both sites were running slowly yesterday.

This is probably exactly the sort of Tumblr blog 4chan hates: Cute Boys with Cats. Well, we’re sorry, but hipsters have to blog about their iphones, jeans and cats somewhere..

[via Wired]

By Anna Leach | November 15th, 2010

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