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1000image002thumb.jpgThere’s a new contender in the field of mobile phone networks and it’s pretty cheap. Now Mobile are just launching and with a sim-only Pay As You Go model hope to undercut the more traditional networks especially in the field of international calls.

Their pitch: “Now Mobile offers competitive rates with no hidden charges and a straight forward, high quality network.”

Now Mobile puts you in control by offering no which mean you can be sure how much you will be billed for each month and texting you the balance due.

Though it is Pay As You Go, it does also offer internet access and multimedia messaging.

Back to the bread and butter. As we mentioned these guys target international calls and have identified their key international call destinations as Pakistan, Nigeria and Bangladesh. This puts them in comparision with brands like Lyca Mobile and Lebara more than Orange or O2.

This is a table of price comparisons offered by them. They made two mistakes about their competitors’ prices, both on the call tarriffs to Pakistan. I’ve corrected them…


Check Lyca Mobile prices here
Lebara prices here

Of course, you could just use free international calls on Skype or any VOIP provider, but not everyone will have an internet connection.

from Lebara: I wanted to contact you regarding one of the Lebara Mobile rates mentioned in the comparison table. As you’ll see from the Lebara site, the current rates for calling a landline / mobile in Pakistan is actually 7p a min (

See more on NowMobile

Top up is available on the Now Mobile website and at over 70,000 stores including the Post Office and Martin McColl, plus stores that offer Top-Up, Epay, PayPoint and Payzone services.

By Anna Leach | August 13th, 2010

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