Gallery: Ten Great iPhone 4 Accessories, part 2

Anna Leach Tech 3 Comments

It’s a great phone and we’re dying to get our hands on its slim flat back, glassy screen and retro-style buttons.

Anyway, no harm in filling the time till release date by browsing the internet for sexy cases, Apple-friendly headphones and imaginatively shaped docks. That’s what we’re doing anway.

Here are 10 more of our favourite iPhone 4 accessories.

By Anna Leach | June 17th, 2010

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  • lleachie

    About the mirrored screen protector — I had one on my iPhone 3G once. When the phone is on, the light obscures the mirror shininess and you can actually see what’s on screen. It wasn’t my favorite screen protector, though — scratches show up pretty bad on it, and it’s hard to put on without bubbles.

  • shinyanna

    ah, thanks for that. makes sense

  • SelfSilent

    The mirrored screen protectors also make it very hard to see the screen in standard daylight. If you really did want a mirror on your iP4 then just stick this screen protector on the rear.

    Is that you and if so, are you single? lol.