iPad madness: Student queues all night, gets iPad hour before Finals exam starts

Anna Leach Tech 11 Comments

It was pretty crazy outside the Regent Street Apple store in London with people queuing all night to get their hands on the first iPads to go on sale in the UK.

One story that got us gasping was the tale of Kendam a London student who got to the queue at 11.30pm the night before and waited for eight and a half hours to get an iPad – the night before one of his Finals exams.

We salute this Apple fanboy putting his desire for an iPad before his uh university degree and future career. Hey, he seems pretty happy about it.

Kendam said he was probably going to unbox in the classroom. We wish him luck with that exam.

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By Anna Leach | May 28th, 2010

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    Hats off to this guy!! I hope he did well in his exams.

  • Ron b

    What a Fucking Wanker. Still he probably knows all the exam stuff anyway. I mean you pass if you write your name and the correct date these days. LOL

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    this is really madness :))

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    I say he’s evil for doing so. A lot of haters will change their minds about the ipad! My favorite iPad puzzle game is still Starfaces HD!

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    Is he out of his mind?

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    I hats Madness…

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    I mean you pass if you write your name and the correct date these days. LOL

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    oh man! talk about obsession

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