The USB Flower scents your office and runs off your computer

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42 usb flower 2.jpgWe’re always up for weird USB gadgets, and this one is pretty out there. Not only is it a kooky shape – a flower, it also releases aromatherapy scents that waft gently from the head of the plastic flower and fill the immediate vicinity of your USB port with soothing odours.

I suppose it does the same job as a scented candle, but try pulling one of those out in the office – you’d either get health and safety onto you or everyone would think you were trying to turn your desk into some hippy romantic boudoir – or both. :O
Invented by an American entrepreneur called Fredrik Perman, a man who clearly wants to bring nice smells to offices all over the country, the USB Scent Flowers have just been launched in the USA.

One downside I suppose is that the scent flower uses what you might call proprietary scent sachets. The Scent Flower comes with 3 refills each lasting approximately a month, giving you 3 months of fragrance before you will need to purchase more. But I suppose given that the whole thing costs 10 dollars or £6.15 that’s not too bad.

Also I haven’t had a err ‘hands-on’ with this so I don’t know what the scent actually smells like. However I do know it comes in four different scents: Ocean Breeze, Purple Lavendar, Pink Jasmine and White Chamomile.

Costs $9.99 – not including postage, from USBflower

By Anna Leach | January 14th, 2010

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  • Julie

    I just got the pink and the white one and they both smells really nice. :)