Shiny Poll: the iPad, the iTampon and the big naming debacle, what do you think?

Anna Leach Tech

1 Sanitary_Towel ipad.jpgOkay, so now that #iTampon is currently trending higher than #iPad on Twitter, we gotta ask why Apple made their Jesus gadget sound like a virtual sanitary product? The iPad name has raised a few thousand snarky comments on Twitter. Didn’t take our readers long to pick up on the resonances…

@fasshonaburu omg, the iPad does sound like something women use once a month!
@denisesapenguin loveeeee that #iTampon is trending higher than #iPad, hahahaha.
@DaniGray: You can do things with #iTampon that you just can’t do with #iPad – like biking, horseback riding and swimming. /lol
@misscay Screw the imooncup or whatever the frig it’s called, COME ON MAN CITY! #mcrderby

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By Anna Leach | January 27th, 2010

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