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Slow afternoon? make pixel art with Rubik's cubes

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213 rubiks_cube_pac-man_by_john_quigley.jpgGot a lot of time, several hundred Rubik's cubes and a brain somewhere midway up the autistic spectrum?

Make pixel art with them girls, what are you waiting for? If you're short on inspiration check out these phenomenal masterpieces by Irish artist John Quigley.

Pixel art - laying out designs pixel by pixel to create a retro digital mosaic look - is an established art form. Rubik cube pixel art is the hard core intellectual end.

The brain power needed to get one Rubik cube to the correct formation is pretty intense, that required to get 2,622 Rubik's cubes to the correct formation so that you can combine them together to form a portrait of Barack Obama is mind-boggling to even think about.

We leave you with this image:
213 rubiks_cube_obama_by_john_quigley.jpg

[via technobob]

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