Competition: Win a Sqweel naughty toy from LoveHoney

Andrea Petrou Tech 25 Comments

sqweel-side.jpgIf you felt your pulse racing when you read the news about LoveHoney’s new Sqweel toy yesterday, then we’ve got some news that will get you all excited.

The company is kindly giving away the new naughty toy to one lucky reader.

In case you hadn’t had the time to read our previous post (we’ll let you off just this once), the Sqweel is a wheel, of synthetic tongues that go round in a choice of three speeds.

Love Honey describes it as “a revolution in orgasms! The sensational new patent-pending oral sex simulator has a wheel of ten teasing tongues that will lap you to orgasm time and time again.” In fact the company is so confident of this little miracles powers, that it’s offering you your money back if you’re not, well, satisfied.

If you want to get your hands on this then email me at Andrea@shinymedia or leave your comments below (keep them clean please) telling me why you think you deserve it. Competition closes on Friday.

By Andrea Petrou | October 13th, 2009

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  • soggykipper

    My grandmother runs a Post Office, that just might come in handy for licking a few stamps :o)

  • Rosie

    I’ve had three useless boyfriends so far this year, and don’t want to try training another one. Please help me avoid temptation!

  • Alison

    No matter how naughty it is, that toy is just too cute not to want! Is that weird? Oh well. I’d put it to good use, and actually be able to display it, unlike some other gadgets I’ve got at home.

  • Michelle

    I lost my job, and girls on extra-tight budgets like me deserve some loosening up. ;)

  • Nicky

    A great toy :)

  • sean

    This is the closest I’ll ever get to a 3 some. Help

  • Erika

    one tongue… or 10?
    easy answer! I’ve been working my @$$ off this year finishing my degree, pummeling my way to my dream job, and finally getting my beautiful little condo! And in the midst of moving to my new place my box of goodies was somehow “lost” among the movers (AHHHH!), this little sqweel could be the perfect first edition to replacing my long lost naughty toys! I can barely afford groceries right now let alone a sexy piece like this one!

    Please help xxxo

  • Desiree

    I am a single mom, who works full time and am trying to pay of debts from my ex husband. Stress is my middle name. I saw this little toy and would LOVE to have it, but I just cant justify such a purchase. Lets just say I could use the stress relief… : )

  • Desiree

    I am a single mom, who works full time and am trying to pay of debts from my ex husband. Stress is my middle name. I saw this little toy and would LOVE to have it, but I just cant justify such a purchase. Lets just say I could use the stress relief… : )

  • Meredith

    I’m am a single mother, of a 5 year old boy with autism, never lived with a man, slightly overweight – so its hard to meet an attractive man, and refuse to have one night stands for sexual satisfaction. I should get 10 tongues….all in 1 device.

  • Jinxy

    Can those outside of the UK enter this one? *pouts longingly*

    I want, I want!

  • cin


  • SlayerKat

    I HAVE to have one of these please!

  • bustygalore

    well, after having my second baby this june me and my husband are too tired to spend much time on bedroom matters. And my best friend told me she enjoys my company more than any guys’. So if i win, i could either try to get my husband to want to ‘do me’ more by threatening i’ll DIY with this toy, Or, i can give it to my friend to suggest she go sort herself out and leave me out of it(!) lol.

  • toymaker

    I know a great piece of work when I see one. This is one of them. I’m sure it can live up to it’s name. I would love to present this to my lovely wife as a gift.

  • Rose

    I will use this gift for the good of mankind. Preliminary analysis suggests that world hunger will end, climate change will reverse, no puppies will ever die again and Windows 7 may actually constitute a significant advance in end-user experience. With such conservative estimates, who could pass up so compelling a value proposition? As the adage goes, give a girl a fish and she’ll eat for a day – teach a girl to fish and…well perhaps not quite like that… but you get the point :)

  • Danielle

    Finally, a third wheel I’d be happy to have around! This would make me the happiest girl on the block. Of course, I’d have to put a card in the spokes for the clackity-clack factor.

  • Sqweel


    Loving all the jokes and sarcastic comments.

    The LoveHoney Sqweel is awsum!

  • Merlin Retzlaff

    my wife wants one…thanks

  • PinkCherry

    I want one.

  • Sexy Gifts

    The first time I saw this toy I burst out laughing…and so did my partner! It’s so blatantly practical that it must work!

  • Bondara

    I personally feel it lacks the ‘insertable’ factor. But credit to LH for bringing out something different.

  • Ren

    Simple ! I deserve it because my tongue is falling off with servicing my gorgeous partner. i’m starting to talk with a lisp.

  • Doc Johnson

    Apparently, the concept of this sex toy outweighs it's actual functionality, at least from what I've read.

    Doc Johnson

  • Semara

    I know the competition is already done. But i have to say that this Sqweel is really good idea. I should try once.