Vintage vibrators: sex toys from the past

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59-base-0.jpgYou may have noticed that we cover vibrators in ShinyShiny, i just thought we’d take a slightly different look at that wonderful world today by putting the ergonomic rubbery offerings of today in a little historical perspective.

I knew Ann Summers hadn’t been around for ever, but the sort of pleasure toys that ladies of the nineteenth century had to put up with are in a league of their own. Mechanical delights like the “Pulsocon” or “Vigor’s horse action saddler” look like a cross between heavy-duty kitchen implements and the kind of tools dentists have in your nightmares.

Vintage gadgets are usually pretty funny. Vintage vibrators are also terrifying.

It seems the whole vibrator market kicked off around the 1880s, back when women didn’t have sex drives, according to the (male) authorities of the time. What women did have though was ‘hysteria’ – a strange ‘womb disease’ that was relieved by “pelvic massage” or by one of the delightful contraptions below. Lucky ladies.

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By Anna Leach | September 23rd, 2009

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    Those vibrators look like they would cause more harm than pleasure, thank god we have better materials and technology otherwise I would be screwed!

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  • Rica

    That vintage vibrators looks like so very funny.. It’s like a vintage film But, we should be very thankful for this kind of vintage vibrator because vibrators in our generation came from vintage vibrators. Right guys?

  • jen

    One of my masters friends has a vintage vibe- it was amasing- much better than the hitachi magic wand. I’m desperate to try it again

    • Anonymous


  • Sex Rod

    This is a great article on Vibrators I really enjoyed it

  • Sexleksaker

    Nice reading. And just compare with todays sextoys :) we are indeed living in better times, even though I hesitate sometimes about that ^^

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    This a good education for today sex toy

  • sex games

    Those will affect you in a bad way I suppose… did you manage to get the image..LMAO.

  • Sex Toys

    Excellent article, but did you know they have found sex toys carved out of wood and ivory from the Roman and Egyptian period.

    Our industry is not as new as people think!

  • Adult Toys

    hey i have first time saw such vibrator. how they operate it. looks rock

  • richyb

    sextoys out of wood??? ouch

  • rampant rabbit

    Oh my! This is an eye opener. I don’t know why but I thought sex toys were a modern thing. Very interesting to see the types of things they had. I love how the horse is described as great for your health prevenitng obesity and gout…I suppose if you need an excuse ;)

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    haha. They look scary! Where you find the pictures?

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    hey how these vibrators look like thank god we have better materials and technology.

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    looks pretty cool but you must going to round and round the the stuff to vibrate lol girls cant concentrate by that ^^

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  • Mark Holbrook

    I must say this item looks great and I expect they had fantastic fun in those days!!! I guess Rabbit Vibrators have come along way since!

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    I can’t see her using one

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    or maybe she did!!

  • Megan Billard

    Weird! I have never even heard of an eye massage machine and here is one that is vintage! They've obviously been around for a while, I wonder what the benefits of it are?

  • Backroom Boutique

    Thank God they don't make 'em like that anymore! Here's the heavenly change:

  • Colin Wormall

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