Vintage vibrators: sex toys from the past

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59-base-0.jpgYou may have noticed that we cover vibrators in ShinyShiny, i just thought we’d take a slightly different look at that wonderful world today by putting the ergonomic rubbery offerings of today in a little historical perspective.

I knew Ann Summers hadn’t been around for ever, but the sort of pleasure toys that ladies of the nineteenth century had to put up with are in a league of their own. Mechanical delights like the “Pulsocon” or “Vigor’s horse action saddler” look like a cross between heavy-duty kitchen implements and the kind of tools dentists have in your nightmares.

Vintage gadgets are usually pretty funny. Vintage vibrators are also terrifying.

It seems the whole vibrator market kicked off around the 1880s, back when women didn’t have sex drives, according to the (male) authorities of the time. What women did have though was ‘hysteria’ – a strange ‘womb disease’ that was relieved by “pelvic massage” or by one of the delightful contraptions below. Lucky ladies.

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By Anna Leach | September 23rd, 2009

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