Get naughty this Christmas

Andrea Petrou Tech

LP.JPGYou told us you wanted naughty toys and we don’t think you can get any naughtier than this.

Nookii, an online shop that sells naughty toys for you, your other half and for couples, has just launched its Christmas range including the Super Hoopla, a vibrating pleasure hoop for both of you to enjoy.

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Ladies that are feeling that little bit more selfish, or are single will also love the Lady Penelope, sleek vibro touch vibrator. Those that want to be that little bit more discreet will also love the Honey Baby, which is a smaller vibrator with a powerful buzz and varied rhythm.

And it doesn’t end there.

Those that are feeling that little bit more adventurous can also buy games, such as Fun in Bed, which, well does what it says on the box, and a range of outfits for dressing up.

However, if you are new to all of this there are plenty of fun presents you can buy for your other half. We love the naughty towel, a white cotton towel with ladies arms (not real ones of course) around it, and the beginners touch gift, which is a good way to break you and your other half in gently.

Get buying now for an early Christmas present for yourself, or for him.

By Andrea Petrou | August 25th, 2009

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