Laser tagging gloves make playtime fun

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When I was younger tag was considered a quality sport, which involved running wildly round the playground, arms flailing and attacking/ tagging anyone who got in your path. If you could combine that with a cry of ‘cooties’ or some similar vernacular then you had really excelled in play.

Typically, nothing is ever that innocent simple low key anymore, as the latest playground sport involves tagging someone electronically, with the use of these rather fetching hand lasers.

Simply pop one onto your wrist and send a beam at your opponent by creating a fist. The tagging gloves have a 45 metres range, and a sound bar that gives you ‘authentic’ shooting noises, and the glove will even measure how many lives you have left. Each player starts with five which decrease every time they get hit, and seeing as this model is pocket money cheap, I’m sure the playground will soon be full of them.

£12.73 from Amazon

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By Zara Rabinowicz | May 13th, 2009

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