The Tria 2: Faster and more fabulous hair removal?


The Tria launched last year to multiple rave reviews in the UK. Journalists couldn’t get enough of this fabulous laser hair removal device- which is suitable for home use! I was one of the first UK journalists lucky enough to try it, and you can read my full review here. Despite finding the Tria a really great tool in hair removal, I did have a few issues with it- namely the time it took to cover a whole leg, and the fact that the battery pack wasn’t particularly impressive.

Well I can’t tell you if the battery life has been improved, but I can say say that the new and improved Tria has been made to work TWICE as quickly- halving the time it takes to cover your body, so the battery life may no longer be an issue. And the price- exactly the same, you’re just getting a device which gets you results even quicker!

£675 from Tria

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Zara Rabinowicz

Zara RabinowiczThe Tria 2: Faster and more fabulous hair removal?
  • Laser Hair Removal

    I love my Tria home laser hair removal kit!

  • jason mandrix

    Technology evolves. Laser Hair Removal Treatment works perfectly great to me! I have been using cream stuff for the past months and it cost me a lot money and time.

  • tania10

    nice one!
    There are already many gadgets for hair removal in the market, it helps a lot of people especially me! . It’s extremely amazing and hassle free!