Geek Neighbours: Archos reveal price of the Android tablet and a electronic cigarettes get USB chargers

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What a week its been! We’ve had hail, sleet, severe rain, and now it looks like the sun is poking its nose into the mix, just to confuse us even more. The world of tech has been untroubled by the random weather though, as we’re now privy to the latest developments in random USB toys; oh and let’s not forget the ever popular electronic cigarettes…

-Electric Pig reveals the release date and price of the eagerly awaited Archos/Android mashup. Bad news for credit crunchers though- You’re looking at shelling out £470 in July!

-Crunch Gear makes Monday morning slightly ,more bearable by telling us about the latest USB gadget available. It’s a shaking hip! Yes, you get to see the lower torso of a plastic female gyrate! And there’s a video…

-Electronic cigarettes are still ultra popular- DVICE reveals a USB chargeable one!

-Could Wii Fit have a serious contender? Chip Chick reveals the Pro-Form 850 Elliptical trainer which comes complete with iPod dock AND their excitingly titled Calorie Destroyer game. Definitely worth a try…

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By Zara Rabinowicz | March 30th, 2009

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