The Hello Kitty mobile makes little girls weep tears of joy


There seems no end to the Hello Kitty phenomena, as here we have yet another phone with the dreaded delightful cat. This time it’s a little bit different though, as rather than slapping on a coat of pink paint and some decals, the model itself is cat shaped, which is an unusual twist.

They also offer a variety of colour options, from the expected pink, to yellow and blue, which is a nice touch.


The phone itself is pretty basic, so don’t go expecting HSDPA or 8 megapixel cameras,rather you get a dual band GSM model that has a paltry 1.5 inch screen and a built in camera.

No word on how many megapixels the camera has, which doesn’t bode well… There’s also a FM radio and there’s a microSD slot so you can expand the memory.

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Zara Rabinowicz

Zara RabinowiczThe Hello Kitty mobile makes little girls weep tears of joy
  • rae

    oh my GOD, if only i had any hope of this coming to the US…