Shiny Poll: Porn at work?

Susi Weaser Tech 2 Comments

According to a survey, one in three people has used their work computer to look at porn. That’s a third. 33%. Um, really? So, there’s an anonymous poll below. Unless the figure under yes reaches 33% I will conclude that all surveys are ridiculous and not worth the bandwidth they take up. So go on. Let rip. Have you looked at porn on your work computer?

By Susi Weaser | January 30th, 2009

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  • Holly

    “Watched” porn suggests videos, I’m sure a lot of people have only looked at images.

    I said yes because I work in a really relaxed office and sometimes obscene stuff gets passed around, or the old prank of putting it on someone’s desktop. No one here cares, it’s great.

  • Bobs Knob

    Yeah, baby. Boobs on screen!