Calling all lady DJs – do we have a turntable for you

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“Woman and technology – yes!” It’s not a particularly new revelation, but according to German brand Scheu Analog it is, as this is what’s plastered at the top of its website for women. Sexist shizzle aside, Scheu Analog has a beauoootiful piece of DJ equipment aimed specifically at the DJ loving ladies – namely because it’s “pink, classy, seductive, simply ladylike”, but there’s nothing stopping the boys going for the purchase too. The Diamond turntable is made to be seen and if I had any form of DJing skills I’d be all over this thing like a rash (but alas I have no skills – I tried).

We’re seeing more and more ladies spinning records in the DJ booth of late including Samantha Ronson, Miss Lily Allen and Alexa Chung – although the latter two are more known for standing there looking pretty, letting their mate do all the work, rather than actually making use of any DJ skills they may or may not have acquired. If you want to restore the faith in lady DJs, you might want to think about doing it on this.

Any DJ will know equipment does not come cheap and the Scheu Analog Diamond turntable is no exception that rule. The Diamond will set you back 3,900 Euros – but can you really put a price on style (perhaps I’ll ask the girls over at Catwalk Queen)?

[via Lady Likes Scheu]

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By Lucy Hedges | November 5th, 2008

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  • Jon

    Lovely looking hifi grade deck but I don’t think many DJs would like to use a belt drive deck with no proper pitch control. Yikes!

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