The Ford MyKey is a huge killjoy for the kids

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ford-mykey.jpgDon’t trust your kids to follow the stringent rules of the Highway Code? As they wave goodbye while getting into their suped up car, do you suspect they’ll bomb down the road and demonstrate a total disregard for driving responsibly once out of sight? If you’ve answered yes twice, it’s safe to say you would benefit greatly from being able to keep a watchful eye on them yes? You might want to direct your attention to Ford’s MyKey system then.

It’s not big brother, so you won’t be able to watch their every move. But what you can do, is ensure they adhere to a particular speed limit (80 mph max), keep the radio to a driver friendly volume (44 percent of its max output) and make sure they wear their seatbelts at all times. Failing to buckle up will set off an unrelenting chime *and* mute the tunage until everyone’s safely strapped in. It’ll be like your parents are riding up front right beside you.

If that wasn’t enough, Ford’s got more. A low fuel warning is prompted at 75 miles to empty and if you attempt to floor the accelerator past 45 mph, it’ll issue an annoying reminder that’ll make you want to just stick to 30 mph to avoid the clamour. There’ll be no disabling of any sort either – it’s impossible.

Ford’s giving you a way to control your kids and give them even more reason to shout “I hate you” while storming up the stairs and slamming the door. I predict many of these cars being driven into walls… intentionally. It’ll be making its debut in 2010, so kids, if you don’t want to be weighted down with restrictions, the cars to stay away from will be the Focus Coupe in particular, and basically any new Ford Model.

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By Lucy Hedges | October 7th, 2008

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