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Scammer's Facebook app gives old layout lovers false hope

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Need a way to get copious amounts of traffic flowing through to your Facebook application? Falsely advertise your application as being able to give users access to the old Facebook layout and watch the traffic pour in. That's exactly what Facebook scammer Ryan Mourtada did when he created the group 'Good news! How to get the old Facebook application back!' and promised users they could "get the old Facebook back" by installing his app - Music, Video & Pictures Search Engine.

Bless all 700,000 of the old FB lovers who joined his group and the 135,000 who have actually interacted with his application in some way in the last month. After much 'we love old Facebook' declarations, they thought they'd finally found a way back to old Facebook layout. Needless to say, the fooled weren't pleased when they discovered the scam. A few of the responses in the image above, indicate just how pleased some of them were.

[via Inside Facebook]

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  • Megan taylor

    Its the opt-out trick
    it worked for a month before facebook totally stopped it permanently and forced users to use the new facebook design. We miss the old facebook!

  • Sarah

    Not bad application though i like!

  • It probably originally worked through CSS manipulation, but nowadays it's just a scam and there are LOTS of incarnations of this on FB right now. I've reported many of them to FB security, hopefully they're doing something about it.

  • jeryy

    This trick used to work but facebook later stopped it

  • Mark

    Actually it worked

    i joined that group and it work it did return the old facebook + it was written clearly "Please support me and add my music application"

    You cant just blame the developer when he clearly stated that statement

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