Purple GHD's are purr-fect for Christmas

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Love your GHD’s? Well, who doesn’t? Whether you’re craving the new hot pink ones that come with lip glosses or opting for the standard black ones you’ll be overjoyed to learn ANOTHER limited edition is hitting our shores, just in time for Xmas! I’d heard a rumour about these a while back, but seeing as pictures are now available online I can spill all!

They’ve been given a glorious purple makeover and have a fab high gloss finish with a paisley print. You also get a mini hairdyer, purple clips and a carry bag (not too keen on the carry bag though). It says they’ll be approx 385 New Zealand Dollars from the end of October which should translate to around £140 on our shores. When? Well in time for your stockings I suppose.

[via Kiss and Makeup]

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Zara Rabinowicz

Zara RabinowiczPurple GHD's are purr-fect for Christmas
  • http://www.ghdstyerstockists.co.uk GHD Styler Stockists

    These purple ghds are going to be a real hit. We are still waiting for our delivery to the salon, but already the dumby display pair are really causing a stir amongst customers

  • Emma

    I recieved mine 2 days ago, as a birthday gift from my dad. I’ve fallen in love with them already, even if i have burnt my ear!!

  • http://www.geddeselectrical.co.uk/ghdrepairpage.php Geddes Electrical

    Geddes Electrical are Trying to find out Why GHD Owners Throw Out Broken Ghds rather Than Get Them repaired when the cost of repair is so small compared to the cost of a new Pair If You can shed some Light on this Please contact Geddes Electrical on 0141 887 1017 with your input

  • http://www.ghdstorecouk.com GHD Hair Straighteners

    Passed without incident.

  • http://www.vibramfivefingersaleuk.com/ Vibram Fivefingers

    thank you

  • http://www.ghds-compared.co.uk/ ghds

    I think the purple ghds are fab! I got some pink ghds but I think I prefer the purple ones. I hope ghd will release some new purple ones soon.