Phone Wars : The iPhone vs Nokia 5800 vs G1 Android

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Yesterday the 5800 was launched to whistles, applause and a sigh of relief. It will be available next year for approx £220 including the Comes With Music service- is this bye bye for the iPhone? And what about the Android? Will this supposed new super phone be able to beat these stalwart contenders? Well we take on the arduous task of comparing them and have compiled the details into a handy to read section. Let the fight begin!

Round 1: Weight

Nokia 5800- 109g
G1- 158g

Round 2: Screen size

Nokia 5800-3.2 inches
G1- 3.2 inches
iPhone- 3.5inches

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Round 3: Camera

Nokia 5800- 3.2 megapixels, Dual LED Flash and Carl Zeiss lens
G1-3 megapixels, no flash
iPhone- 2 megapixels

Round 4: Storage

Nokia 5800-8GB microSD card expandable to 16GB
G1- 2GB. Expandable to 8GB
iPhone- 8Gbmicro SD card or 16GB

Round 5: Operating System

Nokia 5800- Symbian S60
G1- Android, duh!
IPhone- iPhone OS

Round 6: Size

Nokia 5800- Height 111mm, Width 51.7 mm Depth, 15.5 mm
iPhone- Height- 115.5mm , Width 62.1mm, Depth 12.3 mm
G1- 4.60 in x 2.16 in x 0.62inches

Round 7: Headphones – a 3.5 jack means NORMAL ‘phones

Nokia 5800- 3.5 mm jack
G1- Proprietary phone socket- so you have to use the one provided. WTF?
IPhone- 3.5mm jack

Round 8: Music Options

5800- Comes with Music service, free downloads for a year
IPhone- iTunes store, you log on, pay etc.
G1- Has an application called Amazon MP3 where you get your tunes from Amazon.

Round 9: Price

Yes folks, this one is often the decider.

5800- approx £220, available on PAYG or contract for some unknown sum (we guess free)
IPhone- Free on some contracts with O2, monthly tariffs start from £30 per month. PAYG costs from £349.
G1- Free on contract with T-Mobile, no PAYG option mentioned yet.

The Verdict

The 5800 wins hands down as the price, storage and free music makes it highly desirable. It’s the lightest out of the bunch, has the best camera and has a 3.5 jack. The Android lost out due to its proprietary headset and hefty weight, though the operating system did tempt us. The iPhone flags behind in 3rd place with its main attraction now being style. Ah Apple, have you lost your crown?

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By Zara Rabinowicz | October 3rd, 2008

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