And the official launch date of the T-Mobile G1 android is…

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g1_iphone-thumb-240x179.jpgIt’s time to break open the piggy bank guys and gals. We initially thought you’d be getting your hands on the T-Mobile G1 Google android open source handset – the only handset with the Google Android platform – at some point in November. My inbox tells me otherwise. The 30th October is the official launch date, so expect to see plenty of queues forming outside local mobile phone retailers on this day – but probably not to the extent of the iPhone craze.

To summarise, the G1 is available for free in black or white, on T-Mobile Combi and Flext price plans from £40 a month. This includes unlimited fast mobile internet browsing. Combi 32 gives you 800 minutes and unlimited texts, whereas Flext offers up to 1,250 minutes, or up to 2,500 texts, or any mix of the two.

If the rumour on Telecoms Korea is right, the G1 will be enjoying its time in the limelight for a while, and won’t be facing any stiff competition from LG or Samsung Android handsets anytime soon – not at least until the second half of 2009 anyway. But could a Motorola Android handset beat them to it? Only time will tell. As long as they don’t rush production for the sake of getting another Android handset out there, I’m happy to wait.

So far 25,000 Brits have registered their interests with T-Mobile. Tell us, has the G1 made your mobile phone wish list?


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By Lucy Hedges | October 15th, 2008

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