UV intensity bikini: Look good while protecting your skin

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uv_intensity_bikini.jpgAs you’ve probably gathered from the title, the purpose of the UV Intensity Bikini is twofold. Firstly (and obviously), it’s a smokin’ hot yellow bikini with purple beads. Secondly it’s a UV level indicator that’ll tell you when it’s ok to sunbathe frivolously or much like your parents when you were younger, when enough sun is enough sun.

Everyone loves a bit of sunbathing (minus the few vampires/sun evaders) and as much as we turn a blind eye to it while soaking up those rays, no one wants skin cancer. And more importantly, unless you’re some kind of weather-obsessed freak, you won’t give a toss about, let alone know what UV intensity is. That’s where this £99 bikini is put to use.

The purple beads do more than add style to the two piece, they’re UV sensitive and will change colour with the level of UV intensity. The lighter the beads, the safer you are from harmful rays. The darker the beads the more potential there is for crisp skin, sunstroke and skin cancer.

Look after your skin and keep it healthy for £99 here

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By Lucy Hedges | September 2nd, 2008

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