The O'clock is one big ass clock

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The colossal Oclock sure is one behemoth of a timepiece. It would appear the creator, architect Anthony Duffeleer, has stolen the bat signal, hollowed it out and replaced the bat motif with a clock face (just me then?). There’s no denying, this thing is obtrusive. But that’s the point. Not into conspicuous gadgetry? Then this really isn’t for you.

It’s a lot lighter than it looks, so it shouldn’t break your back when trying to make it fit in with the rest of your décor. Based on its shape, it’s safe to say the Oclock won’t be hanging from your walls, but it will prettify your floor. What kind of house it would fit in beats me (perhaps a really trendy office or studio style apartment), but it sure scores high in cool points.

It’s available on request. So, always dreamed about having an oversized timepiece adorning your living room floor? The dreaming ends here.

[via Style Park]

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By Lucy Hedges | September 10th, 2008

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