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The Gorillapod Go-Go for people who like to put their gadgets on a pedestal

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gorillapod_go-go.jpgIf you class your phone/MP3 player/PDA/digital camera as being far too precious to lie on a dust and dirt ridden desktop (or somewhere equally mucky), or you're just simply into unique looking tech accessories, the Gorilla Go-Go is definitely worth casting your eye over.

It's a clever little accessory that'll hold up virtually any of your gadgets (within reason - it won't hold your Playstation), with its multiple attachment options such as suction clips and high-bond adhesive clips. It looks like it will come in handy when watching a porn film on your phone or showcasing your latest holiday snaps.

When you've got a bit of spare time on your hands you could even pretend it's some kind of hybrid monster with three rubberised legs coming to destroy whatever resides on your desk with little mercy. The practical possibilities of the Go-Go are almost endless.

Put your gadgets on a real pedestal for £29.99 from Think Geek.

[via Cell Phone Digest]

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